Research Support - Innovation, engineering and data analysis

In the Armbrust lab, we have a team of research scientists, engineers, bioinformaticists and software developers who work on data acquisition and analysis, from extensive lab culturing projects to bioinformatics pipelines and instrumentation. Over the past several years, our lab has tackled the ongoing challenge of processing, managing and interpreting large-scale data sets, including (e.g.): SOLiD sequence reads, assembled for (meta)genomic and (meta)transcriptomic analysis, basin-wide flow cytometry data that maps temporal and spatial variability in phytoplankton communities, and additional sequence databases generated from various EST and tiling array projects, as well as collaborations with external lab groups.

Rhonda incubation SeaFlow synochococcus Gwenn's chemostats
1. Rhonda displaying the results of a successful incubation experiment at Station Papa. 2. SeaFlow data collected along the Pacific Northwest showing Synechococcus distributions in surface waters. 3. Gwenn tending to her Thalassiosira pseudonana chemostats, grown under high and low carbon dioxide levels.