research support

Innovation, engineering and data analysis

In the Armbrust lab, we have a team of research scientists, engineers, bioinformaticists and software developers who work on data acquisition and analysis, derived from extensive lab culturing projects, field studies, and custom-built instrumentation. Our lab generates large-scale data sets of (meta)genomic and (meta)transcriptomic sequences and basin-wide flow cytometry data to understand temporal and spatial variability in phytoplankton communities. We develop the necessary software tools to help meet the ongoing challenge of processing, managing and interpreting these data sets. We also developed an open-source data portal known as CMAP (Collaborative Marine Atlas Project) designed for retrieving, visualizing, and analyzing diverse data sets derived from research cruises, satellite products and output from global-scale biogeochemical models.

Left: map of SeaFlow cruises. Right: SeaFlow instrument operating on board the R/V Thompson collecting data in the Equatorial Pacific.