Shiri Graff van Creveld

Shiri Graff van Creveld

Postdoctoral Research Associate

shirig at

I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that allow diatoms to adapt to the everchanging marine environment.


  • PhD, Life Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 2018
  • MSc, Life Science, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 2012
  • BSc, Molecular Biochemistry, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel, 2009


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  • Mizrachi A, Graff van Creveld S, Shapiro OH, Rosenwasser S, Vardi A (2019) Light-dependent single-cell heterogeneity in the chloroplast redox state regulates cell fate in a marine diatom. Elife 8:e47732
  • Stock F, Syrpas M, Graff van Creveld S, Backx S, Blommaert L, Dow L, Stock W, Ruysbergh E, Lepetit B, Bailleul B, et al (2019) N-acyl homoserine lactone derived tetramic acids impair photosynthesis in Phaeodactylum tricornutum. ACS Chem Biol acschembio.8b01101
  • Volpert A, Graff van Creveld S, Rosenwasser S, Vardi A (2018) Diurnal fluctuations in chloroplast GSH redox state regulate susceptibility to oxidative stress and cell fate in a bloom-forming diatom. J Phycol 54: 329–341
  • Rosenwasser S, Ziv C, Graff van Creveld S, Vardi A (2016) Virocell Metabolism: Metabolic Innovations During Host–Virus Interactions in the Ocean. Trends Microbiol 24: 821–832
  • Graff van Creveld S, Rosenwasser S, Levin Y, Vardi A (2016) Chronic iron limitation confers transient resistance to oxidative stress in marine diatoms. Plant Physiol 172: 968–979
  • Graff van Creveld S, Rosenwasser S, Schatz D, Koren I, Vardi A (2015) Early perturbation in mitochondria redox homeostasis in response to environmental stress predicts cell fate in diatoms. ISME J 9: 385–395
  • Rosenwasser S, Graff van Creveld S, Schatz D, Malitsky S, Tzfadia O, Aharoni A, Levin Y, Gabashvili A, Feldmesser E, Vardi A (2014) Mapping the diatom redox-sensitive proteome provides insight into response to nitrogen stress in the marine environment. Proc Natl Acad Sci 111: 2740–5

Addgene plasmids

Plasmids deposited in Addgene, for gene editing in Phaeodactylum triconutum