Sophie Clayton

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Email: sclayton at

Research Interests:
I am broadly interested in understanding the role of ocean physics in setting patterns of phytoplankton diversity and community structure. I use a combination of approaches to explore this question: numerical modelling, data analysis and seagoing research. Most recently I have been working with the UW's eScience Institute to develop pipelines for analysing oceanographic "big data".

Here are a couple of links to outreach projects that I have been involved with recently:
Short Documentary about Darwin Project Research, by MIT Student Helen Hou
Synergy Art exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science

PhD Physical Oceanography (2013), MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, USA
BSc(Hons) Ocean Sciences (2007), Bangor University, UK
BA(Hons) Fine Art (2001), Middlesex University, UK

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