Diane Rico

Graduate Student
Email: dianer4 at u.washington.edu
Office: 206-685-4118

M.S. in Biology, California State University, Los Angeles (2012)
B.A. in Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz (2000)

Research Interests:
Two ecotypes of the diatom Ditylum brightwellii have been isolated from Puget Sound water samples. One of the ecotypes is globally distributed and blooms in Puget Sound in early spring. The second ecotype has only been identified in Puget Sound, where it blooms later in the year. Blooms of the two ecotypes correlate with distinct silicic acid concentrations and solar irradiance levels (Rynearson, Newton, & Armbrust, 2006). Since the second ecotype has approximately twice the DNA as the global ecotype, it is likely to have diverged as a result of a genome duplication event. I am interested in comparing gene sequences expressed by the two ecotypes to identify those genes responsible for the adaptive success of the second ecotype in Puget Sound.

In Preparation:
Stauffer, BA, AG Gellene, D Rico, C Sur, DA Caron. Growth of the heterotrophic dinoflagellate Noctiluca scintillans on red tide-forming dinoflagellates and raphidophytes.